Saddle Hill Quarries

Upper Quarry - Development 1942 - 2014

1960 Taieri County Council consent given for Saddle Hill Quarries
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Quarry Rehabilitation in Dunedin and New Zealand

Quarry rebuilds and rehabilitation for alternate uses.

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Saddle Hill Quarries - Overview

2002 TO 2014

In December 2002, Saddle Views Estate Ltd purchased from Mr Alan Scurr, his farm property of 280 Ha located between East Taieri and east of Saddle Hill Road Mosgiel Dunedin.

Part of that farm property included, the long operated upper quarry, located at Jaffray Hill; and a smaller quarry located 500 metres south west of the upper quarry.

These two quarries were, at the purchase date, under existing quarrying leases (of long standing), to Fulton Hogan Ltd. Before this purchase could be completed Fulton Hogan Ltd relinquished their "first right of refusal to purchase", the property. Once rejected by Fulton Hogan Ltd, SVE Ltd completed the purchase.

During this process they inherited the existing quarry leases.

SVE Ltd intention for the purchase of the farmland, was to subdivide the property into smaller rural lifestyle blocks, for on sale to the public.

In the middle of 2006, Fulton Hogan Ltd, now majority controlled by Mr Tony Hunters, Blackhead Quarries Ltd, decided to relinquish the lease of both quarries; making the comments that both quarries were worthless.

Within the same month, that Blackhead Quarries Ltd withdrew their operation from both sites; the upper quarry was leased for a 3 year term by Delta Utilities Services Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Dunedin City Council); while the lower quarry (now in the ownership of the new land owners) was leased by AHE Ltd (now known as Hollands Excavation Ltd).

July 2010 Dunedin City Council forced Delta Utilities Services Ltd, to prevent them from taking up a further extension, of the lease of the upper quarry operation.

August 2010 Tekapo Investment Ltd [now known as Saddle Hill Quarries ltd], signed a long term lease for the Jaffray Hill quarry. Mr Paul Smith the owner of this business, had the long term vision to then invest millions of dollars, into modern plant and equipment, which is able to produce the very highest quality aggregate products of all type; right through to the highest M4 grade material.

These high grade aggregates, produced by Saddle Hill Quarries Ltd; were then used throughout the Dunedin City Council developments, such as the Stadium Project, various subdivisions - Mr Sidney Brown's (initially), and the Caversham Motorway By Pass; which has led to a huge lift in property values within the Mosgiel/Taieri areas.

Aggregates are a critical resource for all communities, without which no roads, flood protections, key services of water, power, sewerage, commercial buildings, houses, housing subdivisions, forestry operation, nor farming operations can exist.

The 1991 Resource Management Act charged all Local Authorities with the responsibility (ie D.C.C.) under sections 9, 10 & 32 of that Act, with the Sole Responsibility, to protect and continue to provide these key resources; within close proximity of their Towns and Cities. The Dunedin City Council is not only totally oblivious of their Legal Requirement in the Law; they are completely oblivious of the near exhausted rock resources within the city boundaries,

Within the next 10 years, without the Saddle Hill Quarry; there will be no operational quarries within the City boundries.

The D.C.C. is so bereft of any understanding of these issues; they don't even understand simple fundamental formula such as - "for every 30km you cart a product in the back of a truck, that product value increases by 100%."

Examples abound, throughout the Auckland City area; where over the passed three decades the ill-informed closed down so many quarries, they had to cart rock and aggregate from as far away as Hamilton, often adding distances of l00km plus each way; thereby multiplying the cost of aggregates and concrete by 300% plus. In recent years these stupidities have been reversed, with some of these closed down quarries being reopened; during the present housing crisis; and with many new quarries also being approved.

Clearly the recent High Court's Decision by Honourable Justice Whata, is visionary and shows superior wisdom; that the entire D.C.C. Bureaucracy and the majority of the Councillors cannot even comprehend never mind emulate. This enlightened decision, has prevented one of the most stupendous mistakes being made by this Council; that would send tsunami like ripples, into the next two to three decades, regarding the cost to the city for aggregate and concrete production.

Logan Point Quarry no longer can supply metal for concrete production, Blackhead Quarries are already carting the metal to Logan Point, for the Allied Concrete fixed batching plant. This extra cartage already adds $9-$12 per metre. All this concrete produced, will have a huge multiple extra cost; to the final retail price for you the consumer.

The prosperity and growth of this City, would have been completely stopped/ choked off; while undoubtedly the Bureaucrats would then have denied any responsibility for their total lack of knowledge.
This COUNCIL has been saved from a stupendous mistake; all rate payers would have had to pay for; huge increases in all types of aggregate, perhaps as much as 300-500% for projects such as the Stadium - Southern Motorway - St Clair/ St Kilda coastline restoration, probably could not have proceeded under the current budgetary regime.

This ignorance and stupidity abounds within this Council, and these issues would have overwhelmed the City financial abilities; due entirely to ignorant Bureaucrats, Councillors and a small but very Vocal minority of ill-informed Fools.


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