This website has been developed for the singular purpose of Information Sharing, by all rate payers, landowners, and citizenry; who have suffered any abuses and/or neglect; by their Local Authorities and Regional Councils.

Modern day Local Authorities have turned into a wandering Police Force; who within a Closed to the Public meeting, and a stroke of the pen, pass a bylaw with absolutely No reference to/or from the Public; which then gives them the powers for anything from kidnapping your pets and stock, by walking unannounced onto your private property; to fining you and/or impounding your vehicles; for simply having inadvertently stayed too long in one of the local, rate paying shops or businesses while, spending your money.


These are only a few of a gigantic list of hundreds of Bylaws Councils have passed, against their Citizens; so that they can fill their coffers, at your expense. Not only do these actions empty the pockets of its citizens, they surreptitiously empower the authorities to continue in this abhorrent behaviour, due to a total lack of protest from the public.


It was only five or so years ago that the Government was interfering, and telling the public at what temperature they should be running their private home water heaters, and several other draconian measures were being muted by Big Brother; that the voters finally rebelled about 'The Nanny State' needing to stay out of peoples individual right to decide. It was clearly driven home to the national politicians that they needed to bugger off and stay out of people's private lives. They took that advice very quickly, under the threat of voter resistance, and scurried away without protest.


However that is clearly not happening within the Local Authorities; simply because they are managed and manipulated more by the Bureaucrats than the Elected Official, they are impervious to the pressure of the Voters. So over the last three to four decades Councils have built a mountain of Bylaws, that have given them control of a plethora of powers to interrupt and interfere in our private lives - This denigration of our personal freedom to decide our own outcomes; and at no cost from these hidden thieving middlemen entities; must be rolled back immediately.


This is a true example, of how everyone asks themselves - Why is life so complicated now?

It is complicated because you no longer have any control to decide for yourself, from daylight to dark you are told what to do; or you will suffer a punishment, either financial or in some other way punitive, designed to force a change in your behaviour, so that you conform to the expectations of, not the majority but to the powerful few others.


The Local Government "Democratic System", has been hijacked by "Bureaucratic Piracy".

Newly elected Councillors are freshmen greenhorns; to long term hardened career "Bureaucrats", who simply treat them like another crop of mushrooms, ' keeping them in the dark and feeding them on bullshit'. These "Empire Building Official" have long proven systems, built up over decades, to bamboozle and flummox, these gullible and innocent newly elected new comers.


Compared to two or three decades ago, many of the people who now seek election to Local Authorities, no longer come from the ranks of experienced Professionals or Business Folks, but often come from the legions of naïve and inexperienced do-gooders, often straight out of some tertiary institution or organisation, with few tissue connections, from hardened commercial realities . These folks are lambs to the slaughter, for such hardened career "Bureaucrats"; who have probably seen a series of new Councillors and numerous CEOs and other peripheral Officials; just another group of the inane, they have to endure. There is a desperate shortage of good practical types with calloused hands and dirty overalls, who are on guard and armed with good measures of real life knowledge and cynicism. This job is one to serve the citizens, and to provide the basic services for the greater community; a boring but critical important endeavour.


Confirmation of this situation is clearly seen when you compare Rural Local Authorities over larger City Local Authorities; generally the Rural Councils are substantially more connected to their communities, and one of the main contributing factors for these understandings, are that these Councils still attract greater numbers of local farmers and business folk. These business folk generally hold a much higher awareness, of the real world and how it truly works. Commonly such people, have the wisdom of time and the understandings from years of hard knocks.


Additionally these people are mostly not drawn to these rolls by the promise of power; but by an old, but not out of fashion, sense of community and the drive/ willingness to give back. A critical umbilical cord for any healthy and balanced society, where its citizens are of key importance; and they can be clearly heard and understood, and are served in the majority.


One observes the larger City Authorities, [a most telling title - which hopefully will be relegated to the past - with RMA changes, promised by the newly elected Government ]; attempting to splitting off various business units [ie water, etc ] and proceeding to sell them off to large overseas conglomerates; whether the citizenry agree or not; often with the excuse that the Authority cannot afford to maintain such core services. Proofs for such contrivances, are always sketchy and often fraudulently misleading; when they are questioned by the Concerned Public.

It would be surprising to see a similar scenario occurring within the Rural Councils, given they have a much more pragmatic awareness of God Given Rights, being totally 'Non Negotiable'; and no Authority could ever fain authority over such Individual Ownership Rights.

New Zealanders have a destructive tendency to adopt the idiosyncratic policy of others from overseas [eg. English - Health and Safety, American - Healthcare and Education Templates, etc].


It will be very interesting to observe whether The Authorities can bluff New Zealanders out of their birth rights; regarding water resources, as has already happened in other English, European, and America Countries.


New Zealanders are frightfully gullible about where the true "Power" really resides; they struggle to understand why these Officials have a total disconnect from simple common sense; and what the citizenry basic requirements truly consider necessary. Failure to understand that we have no power to hire or fire these "Officials"; insures their longevity and enduring power. They are not only immune to the normal concerns of their client/customers relationships, but they further remove themselves from direct contact with these lowly individuals, by the ever increasing height of the parapet walls they meticulously construct around themselves. The scale of these structures and ultimately their Empires; are confirmation of their own importance - in their minds an unchallengeable 'Papacies of Importance'.


Under the present interpretation of the 1991 RMA by these Authorities, and the fact that they kidnapped this wonderful Central Government Gift; and turned this eight teated cow into a 24 hour a day cash flow machine. Not only does this gift just keep on giving, the golden truth is that due to no accountability; the total miracle behind the smoke & mirror science of the RMA, is that this cow's milk can be sold multiple times, simple by the illusion of changing the label on the container; and they cannot believe that as yet nobody has discovered their Fraud, public included - Double Dipping of the worst order. It is a totally fascination that Central Government cannot see that this is the only source, for the reason that NEW ZEALANDS building costs are some of the highest in the world. More commonly known as - Middlemen Double Dipping; maybe Government is choosing not to see, because they are complicit in the fraud. Don't worry they already have all the excuses prepared in duplicate but with no surnames and/or signature, at the bottom of the documents.


The saddest thing is that the Central Government, is still trying to comprehend why of resent years, New Zealand building costs are some of the highest in the developed world.


Cynically, it is impossible to not understand a simple fraud like charging three and four times for the same milk, [eg. when the Greater Auckland City Council, accumulated charges amount to in excess of 50% of the total retail price of a newly developed section, as a middle government tax, and then also add on numerous other building and other service fees]; there are none so blind as those that choose not to see. Once again, one can only conclude that Central Government is complicit, and must also own a herd or ten of these special sacred cows; how else can you explain such blatant usury, with zero accountability by all of the protagonists involved.


These behaviours clearly indicated the high level of contempt; in which all Authorities hold the voting public.

Perhaps the younger generation are correct, when thinking your Vote holds no power; it is simply a mirror reflecting an image of the smoke, that hides THE TRUTH. None of us want to see, in case we somehow become responsible for; Accountability being enforced and finally instigated

While these issues go unattended, the young are undoubtedly correct; our capitalist system is truly bankrupt, so why vote.

So this website is for all to put their own experiences, free of cost, so that others can learn about how THE AUTHORITIES, treated them while applying for a consent and/or permit.


Information Sharing will prevent THE AUTHORITIES from treating individuals differently or unfairly; charges can be compared, time delays, and approvals for one application, while refusal for another, can be measured in the open, against bias or privilege.

This is also a forum in which the individual can lobby THE AUTHORITIES for change in policy, and their often ill-informed understandings and knowledge of its own citizenry.


They cannot be your friend because they are repeatedly stealing from you, their own Citizens.


This website should be used to prevent you being isolated by THE AUTHORITY, and thereby treated unfairly or unkindly; and all at little or no cost to you.


This website should become a library, a store of information of everyone's experiences, before you attempt your own applications. These issues are all going to become even more difficult and costly to the applicant, given many pending new plans and requirements presently being muted by many Councils.


Their legislative requirement is that Councils must produce a New District Plan every ten years, under the 1991 RMA Legislation, but few ever do so; and none have ever been prosecuted by Central Government, even when these Local Authorities exceed those time frames by a further ten year period. Try getting that kind of leniency from your Local Authority, next time you're late paying your rates.

Further complications and confusion will surround these already overly complicated Local Government processes; when Central Government attempts to amend the 1991 RMA legislation. Central Government, is promising changes to the RMA LEGISLATION, to simplify, speed up processing times, and reduce costs to a long suffering public; who pay multiple times for the same service.

We all wait in anticipation, but with a huge amount of scepticism, given that Government clearly don't understand who is truly in control. The Government haven't even worked out that Local Authorities clip the tickets ten times for the same fare, but Government still pay for the fuel, the road, and the buses.


This website should be used by all, to monitor this process, and look ultimately to accountability of all those involved.


Don't anticipate any real change; your next bus ride might just mean you're no longer facing to the front, but facing the back and looking at were you've already been.


One lives in the hope of the miracle of real change, but it will not happen unless you protest your displeasure.


This Website provides a NO EXCUSE FORUM, were you don't need to get cold or wet, going onto the street to protest; use the internet to force change. We have all witnessed in recent times the power of the internet to pull down Dictatorships and Governments in many Countries throughout the World.


Surely forcing change on some of New Zealand's archaic Local Governments their bylaws, and fraudulent double dipping processes that they indulge in, is easily achievable.




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