The Tyranny of Distance

Aggregates are fundamental to the lives of everyday New Zealanders. Without an ongoing supply of aggregates, the production of concrete and the development of buildings, roads and infrastructure would come to a standstill.

The facts

- In 2009, New Zealand produced 32.89 million tonnes of aggregates worth $425 million
- With an estimated population of 4,318,000, each New Zealander consumes 7.6 tonnes of aggregates every year
- Over half the aggregate produced is used on roads and a further 21% is used to construct commercial and residential buildings
- The economic benefit to our country (direct, indirect and induced) is $2.1 billion and approximately 10,000 jobs.
Location and transport
For each tonne of aggregate produced, every 30 kilometres it has to travel doubles the cost.
Aggregate Use - Country Comparison.jpgNZ Aggregate Production vs Population.jpg

This information has been prepared by the Aggregate and Quarry Association of New Zealand.

The Aggregate and Quarry Association and its Members are committed to sustainable development of New Zealand's aggregate resources.

For further information you can contact them on (04) 568 9123 or visit them at

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